Per Covid-19 CDC and State Laws
    1. We have not had a positive Covid-19 test in the past 14 days
    2. We do not currently have a temperature of 100.4 or higher.
    3. We have not been directly exposed to someone who has covid in the past 10 days.
    4. We have not traveled internationally within the last 14 days
    5. We are under no current CDC or state restrictions to quarantine

Because you are having an outdoor party and sometimes the weather, such as rain, high winds, Humidity, and direct sun can be a factor.  We ask that you read the following as an acknowledgement of our policy for bad weather.

We will use “The Weather Channel” app and we are guided by what is broadcasted on this app.  If the app is telling us there is a “CHANCE” of rain or thunderstorms during or just after your party time scheduled, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE OUR SERVICES AND VOID THE CONTRACT. 

If the forecast calls for rain or ANY inclement weather, it is your responsibility to contact us before 12 Noon to cancel, and we will gladly provide you with a credit good for one year from the date of your affair.   ***NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN***

Not only is the suns direct rays a danger to the skin and we will NOT subject our DJ’s or Staff to long periods of direct sun without some sort of shade and water.  The professional DJ equipment, as well as the laptops we use can and will be damaged by the suns direct rays.  That being said cover for our equipment is an ABSOLUTE MUST.  

Rain in ANY form, light or heavy is a hazard to our equipment.  Keep in mind rain will not come from the sky in a 90 degree angle, it will come down sideways.  So when setting a place for the DJ please keep in mind a small overhang or a gazebo will not protect us.  

Humidity to you and your guests is uncomfortable, but to us it has been determined to be a hazard to our equipment resulting in costly repairs.  If the humidity level is 80% or higher it is a hazard and we have the right to cancel our services

Once we are in route to your party you are responsible for the TOTAL BALANCE DUE if we have not collected it prior, and no credit for a make up date will be given. We offer you the opportunity to cancel by 12 noon the day of your party. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT US IF YOU ARE CANCELLING. 

Once we have arrived, if the weather is deemed a hazard to our equipment we will request to set up completely inside an enclosed permanent structure.  If you refuse or offer, we are under no obligation to remove the equipment from our vehicles to set up.

Once we are set up, if the weather becomes a hazard to our equipment, it is at our discretion to discontinue the music or move to an enclosed permeant structure.  Bringing the party completely indoors.

The breaking down and moving of equipment is still counted as contracted hours and will not be added to the end of the party to make up for time lost while moving equipment. To avoid this from happening we recommend you PLACE US UNDER AN OVER HANG OR INSIDE AN INDUSTRIAL TENT WITH AT LEAST ONE SIDE WALL. 

We will bring a small quick shade tent for cover, to protect the equipment from the damage of the sun.  Please understand this tent is not used to protect us from the rain.  We ask that you keep this in mind when setting a place for the DJ, allowing enough space for us to set that tent.  WE DO NOT PREFORM WITHOUT COVER.  


When we set up under a larger sized tent, i.e. 20 x 20 or larger, we need to place the equipment at least (5) five feet from each and any side. The only exception to this would be if you are providing side walls to protect the equipment.

ANY discrepancies of this policy is considered a "breach of contract" and will be considered as the customers liability. The customer will be responsible for the total balance due on contract.

Our objective is to do a great job for you and to do that we need your help with these requirements.  We hope you understand our position.  The professional Disc Jockey equipment we use is expensive and we can not afford to damage it due to weather.  If you have any reservation about this form we can not accept your deposit.  

By you checking you "I Agree" it represents you have read the above policy, understand it, and accept the condition of our weather policy. ​​​​


1.    The Balance of payment is DUE IN CASH prior to the affair date.  All overtime should be paid prior to the completion of the affair. (WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS)

2.    Our DJ, MC AND STAFF are to be offered a meal at your affair.  

3.    In the event the customer cancels the contract, NO REFUNDS will be made. 

4.    In the event of customer cancellation within two weeks of the contracted affair, customer agrees to pay full amount of contract. 

5.    Permission is given to VJ Entertainment to disclose any information, exhibit letters, photos, and/or videos of affairs, as samples of my work. 

6.    Contract is Valid rain or shine (see weather policy). 

7.    VJ Entertainment is not responsible should injury occur to unauthorized persons tampering with any equipment.

8.    Client understands and agrees that all inflatable rides and tent rentals are sometimes sub- contracted, and that VJ Entertainment holds no liability for those companies. Each independent company has there own insurance and should any injury occur with sub-contracted equipment the company providing the equipment is held liable. 

9.    VJ Entertainment Shall not be held liable for the failure to furnish services caused by any reason outside the control of VJ Entertainment, including but not limited to strikes, hurricanes, fires, blackouts, and any other calamity which might be considered an act of god, mechanical or equipment failure.

10.     Any person and/or entities contracting with VJ Entertainment Agrees to limit any and all liability to only the amount paid for the said contracted event or services.

11.    VJ Entertainment will be entitled to reasonable legal fees, including, but not limited to attorney fees, court costs, ect. In the event of a breach of contract by the contracting party. 

12.    For Business checks: (When negotiated prior) A 1.5% surcharge will be applied per month on all balances past due. 

13.    The Facility will allow us access to set up equipment in the room of the affair at least one hour prior to the contracted start time of said affair. (Video equipment will require 2 hours)

14.    DJ will be allowed to set up no more the 25 feet from a 110-volt outlet (3 prong grounded).  Unless this is an outdoor event, then it will extend to 50 Feet.  Voltage must comply to with 110-volts and must not be lower the 100-volts loaded.

15.    Facility meets all federal and state safety regulations and has all appropriate music licenses and performance permits.  

16.    Reasonable steps will be taken to protect our equipment, personnel, and music, crowed control will be provided if warranted.

17.    For outdoor performances, SEE OUR “WEATHER POLICY”

18.    Client accepts full responsibility and is liable for any damages, injuries, or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.

19.    In the event of circumstances deemed by myself or my staff to present a real or implied threat of injury or harm to our staff, equipment, or recordings, then we reserve the right to deny any guest access to recordings or equipment. 

20.    In the unlikely event our performance is delayed do to our negligence; liability is limited to providing client with performance time equal to time lacking. 

21.    Placement and power are not our responsibility.  We will not be held liable for any delay due to elements beyond our control, such as but not limited to, weather, placement, non-power ect.

***22. Covid-19:  VJ Entertainment will follow CDC and state laws governing mask wearing and social distancing while working your event.  Our designated space for a DJ should be considered our work “office area” and we will not be wearing a mask in this designated area, unless discussed and agreed to prior to entering a contract.  Guests are welcome to approach us and we will do our best to apply the mask for protection at such time.

***23.  Covid-19: VJ Entertainment’s staff will never be required to submit any form of PERSONAL MEDICAL information to ANY entity or person due to HIPPA LAWS.  Even during an emergency order by the state or government.  "VJ Entertainment staff will show proof of a Negative test OR VACCINATION CARD on the day of event to gain entrance to a venue."  We will not allow ANY copies of our documents.  Unless the entity is an agent of the state we will not allow the information provided "at the door" to be duplicated in any way.  We are limited to providing our name and company information.  

***24VJ Entertainment will never ask for you or any of your guests to provide ANY medical information.  We will ask that you follow CDC guidelines for mask wearing and distance. ONLY in specific cases where the DJ or other staff member feel there is a exposure or concern will we ask for distance and a mask.

***25. Covid-19: In cases where one of your guests is a concern to staff we will immediately contact you to resolve the situation with your guest.  There will never be a debate with ANY guest from our staff, if we are not able to resolve an exposure with you as our client we have the right to cease our performance to protect our health. 

​***26.  VJ Entertainment will not be held liable if we are (for ANY REASON) denied entrance to a venue due to a venues discretional policy or interpretation of government mandate at time of event.  No refunds will be made if we are denied entrance.  

Client Information Form